DELMARVA Search and Rescue Membership Information

Please contact us to schedule a meeting during one of our regular training weekends, so that we can discuss the team with you, and you can learn more about what we do, meet our members, and decide if you'd like to move forward with membership.

During our recruiting events, anyone interesting in joining a Search and Rescue team will learn:

    Who we are and what we do.

    The National Response Plan, and how local SAR teams fit in.

    Getting started with our group.

    The areas of operation you may be interested in.

    Typical expenses of a volunteer SAR responder

    Training information.

    Plus other topics.

We will also conduct a question and answer session to ensure everyone has a good understanding of our team's goals and requirements.

We also want to remind everyone that there's numerous positions we need to fill in our group.  There are field, base, and administrative tasks we need to accomplish, so people from all walks of life, different experience levels, and physical abilities can make meaningful contributions to the group.

You can also email us for more information at Membership.

Thanks for your interest in the DELMARVA Search and Rescue Group - we hope to see you soon!

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