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About DELMARVA Search and Rescue


DELMARVA Search and Rescue is a professional volunteer organization comprised of trained civilian responders all working towards one preserve life when the odds are stacked against the victim.


Members of our team specialize and cross train in many areas. Within the first 6 months of membership, we require that all members:

Additionally, many team members are:

NASAR Certified as:

Team Members may also hold the following certifications:

Ground Search and Rescue

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Our team trains to and requires certification in the NASAR SARTECH standards. Additionally, we have members who have completed the Managing Lost Persons Incidents (MLPI) training, attended the National Search & Rescue School for I-SAR (Inland SAR), and other Search Management courses. Each member has completed hundreds of hours of SAR related training and field work.

As needed, our SAR team can deploy with trained search dogs, signcutters ("man trackers"), and other specialized units.

Canine Search and Rescue

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We currently have operational canines and others training for SAR work. We train and utilize airscenting and HRD canines. The team regularly trains with other canine SAR teams in the region. The team has mutual aid agreements with other agencies, so we can deploy operational HRD, area search, and tracking/trailing dogs as requested.

Mounted Search and Rescue

Our team includes a Mounted Unit. Horses allow these searchers to cover more territory faster than ground searchers on a hasty search, and are beneficial when a search area emcompasses terrain where it would be challenging to use ATVs or other motorized equipment. Mounted unit team members train to MSAR standards.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

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All team members have First Aid and CPR Pro certifications, and are encouraged to train to at least Wilderness First Responder. We also train members in K9 and Equine Emergency care. Additionally, we have many members who are nationally registered Emergency Medical Technicians. In additional to providing medical care for lost persons, we are able to deploy to mass casualty events and assist in disaster medical situations.

Emergency Response Team (ERT)

All team members are trained in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program. This gives our members the training and experience needed to assist in disaster situation, to provide basic fire suppression, medical care, and urban SAR support so that the local public safety groups can concentrate on the highest priority issues. DELMARVA Search & Rescue also has CERT instructors on staff to train other community groups to the same levels of preparedness so that additional trained organized help can be brought to needy areas.